The Graceful Bosporus

I want to be like the Bosporus, because it spreads graciously across the city and you pause for a moment every time you see it just to soak it in. It hums, it hums in your every time you sail across. It’s different every time you see it but most importantly its calm.

I recently sailed across on the ferry in the middle of a storm and was completely amazed at how calm it was. The sea took in all the rain and ignored the roar of the sky. Turning dark blue it let the sky rumble for hours. The storm startled me though, it scared me a little just because the sky darkened immediately and with each lightening I wanted to go home and hide. But the sea was quite the opposite, it absorbed the rain and lay as still, it was quiet and strangely peaceful.

In any moment of anxiety I roar, I rumble and darken and only on that ferry ride did I realise that I need to be more like the sea. It took the pressure and darken itself to suit the situation yet still absorbed the problem and let everything passing by through. The rain, lightening noise was child like and feeble next to it.

In a moment of despair and mess I want to be like the Bosporus because it soaks up the she was tactful and graceful in absorbing the situation.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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