I need a shortcut but I still need my dignity..

This one for the more experienced and wiser of people, I’m actually trying here to scream for help, well per say.

Sitting here summing up bills and debts that have decided to build up over years, I have decided to ask someone for help. Can someone please tell me how I can make money quickly? Whom I would need to go to, what I need to do, just as little as a few tips maybe.. Anyone? My financial dilemmas have sat me here for the past hour dreaming about winning the lottery, my dad winning the lottery, my brother becoming a footballer, my mum becoming an artist or me even being this extraordinary inventor that invents something so cool it changes the world.

The weird and wonderful ways of the world has pushed us to greed, and the notion of more has embedded itself into our bloodstream. Thinking about the schools I have worked in over years, I have never met a teacher that has wanted less of students. I believe that sheer balance is required, but seeing as we have anything but basic lives I guess we need advanced knowledge that ironically runs hand in hand with money. I want to a balanced greedy-to-humble way of life, yet we are never taught it.

Over the year I have I spent in Istanbul I have seen that more is pretty much needed, if you want to be the fittest to survive. Crying out in poverty you want more, if you are rich you need to cry out for more. Less is never an option. I have seen something though that only a few have seen in Turkey, and this will be the explicit difference between the two cities I have lived in. In Turkey your riches are on show, and we, as a nation love the show, in England however it’s a little less about the show.

There fewer people that can afford new cars and big houses in Turkey for instance yet the houses are more modern and cars are newer. My 10-year-old car is considered to be at a good standard here in UK but it pretty much would not turn the head of a soul out there. Upsetting really, I worked for a good year to pay for that car, it was well earned money. They don’t need to like it but they really don’t need to dismiss it!

Hopefully one day I will sit here and not be calculating the money I have to cut here and there, I will be glad to have bread on my table and cloths on my back and an overdraft that I never have to use while completely ignoring the more-ness that I get imposed to everyday.

I will hopefully writing from Turkey the next time I post.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to I need a shortcut but I still need my dignity..

  1. Lisaman says:

    Never a quick fix with money matters!!! ;-)

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