Albert Einstein never wore a sock in his life.

I never admit to know everything.

In Istanbul I have meet many people that seem to know everything, but it’s a generally a case of ‘very little of everything’. Someone had once told me that they were types you needed to be scared off, I didn’t believe him I just thought that experiences multiplied and people just knew. What was wrong with discussing them?

When here I had to think again -oh my god everyone had something to say about everything.

For instance when I first moved here a polis officer stopped me and tell me my car was a foreign car (I was driving it), then told me my car was illegal because the steering was on the ‘wrong’ side, may I add that I drive through 2 different polis checks to get my car into the country. I argued my point and tried showing him documents. He wouldn’t even look at them. Some of my friends have argued it was to nip a bribe off me but I still insist that man was damn right fool. Other officers came, so I told them about the claim that was being made against me. They sent me off, told me to drive and never speak off it again.

Another example is during a very breezy autumn day, I’m walking into work and old-ish lady stops me in the street. May I point out that I hate socks, unless absolutely necessary, I avoid wearing them. I have been spotted without socks on the coldest of winter days. Anyway so this lady stops me just to tell me I have no socks on. I had the shock of my life. Why?? I still wonder why.

I ask for a menu in English the waiter double takes, I had to explain to 3 waiters that even though I speak Turkish my first language is English. I have even said I struggle reading in Turkish and have given them a fake English name just to get that English menu. I need an English menu because I never know the difference between lamb and beef in Turkish. Plus those little those descriptive things I need to read them quicker if I’m hungry. Right???

And to top it off our opinionated waiters never leave the table without giving me a lecture on how I should learn reading. I can not not read in Turkish you dimwit, I’m hungry I read very well otherwise!!

People that I have little conversation with have told me that my car is old – its 2001 pretty goddamn good VW golf, his handsome and has name. He was very offended.

Once I tell people I’m teacher, they instantly start talking to me about when they used to teach such and such and then go into the rules of effective teaching, they talk to me about discipline and maintaining it. May I also point out I have never seen large collection people nationally that appear, act and talk the same as teachers in this country. The less of a character you seem to the have the better of teacher you are here, so try and imagine how many people tell me how to do my job at work.

Students have looked at me weirdly for singing in class or even doing a little dance, not so normal maybe but after having me as a teacher for a year should it really seem that weird?

Ok woddled of the point a bit, it has turned into a little bitch fest between me and the people of Istanbul.

What I’m actually saying is this, people need to know that knowing a lot never means anything if you don’t know when to say what you know. So I play blonde, I used to be blonde but now I just play blonde because apparently people need to feel they need to know more. And the cleverer you act the bigger your battle is to prove a point, because the moment you argue something you have to be one hell of a mouthy person as people here can make you doubt something you are 100% certain off.

P.S Albert Einstein never wore a sock in his life.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to Albert Einstein never wore a sock in his life.

  1. Sabos says:

    Cok guzel xx i would love to read more of it.

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