Sunday Night Blues

Sunday nights take its toll by the fact that I have spent the weekend not doing much (especially this weekend) and I still have all the planning to do for tomorrow. See I enjoy my job but more importantly I hate Mondays.

See I have to go in tomorrow morning and arrange a plan for the bullcrap class lesson I really have no intention on teaching. First thing monday morning these kids hate… with a passion. I am loud, I myself am annoyed that they have even turned up to school and more importantly the lesson goes right down the loo when the students prefer snoozing in my lesson.

Right up untill lesson 4 I will be half asleep and about in lesson 4 I will go into the babies class and they choice to say sex instead of six and ‘bok’ (meaning shit in Turkish) instead of book…

See I think we underestimate kids most of time they tend over-think things and then tend to out-think us. As a teacher I always mummify my words and slower them down at times to a slur, and these kids always give me the ‘as if’ eye.

So tomorrow I will be ‘eyed’ about a hundred times, I will be ignored by many and have my personality and voice levels tested.

So wish me a good day please for the sake of my sanity…


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to Sunday Night Blues

  1. I wish you a brand NEW type of Monday morning, hopefully a GOOD one.

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