Maya New Era

On the arrival of the day of the Maya Apocalypse and New Year, a new year, a new era even the end of the world was anticipated for today. Well for me it certainly was a new beginning.

Having my last cigarette in my own house in Istanbul, I will be leaving in about 15 minutes to take my shapeless arse over to London to meet loads of new people and to see a bunch of old people. The people I will be meeting I have meet over the Internet many times, had conversations and even shared family members. So this will be the second half our meeting.

I welcomed the introduction of this new Maya calendar, even though I know nothing about the their cultural background or spiritual belief, I only know that I will be waiting for a change of energy with open arms and saluting the plants when they encounter an alignment.

Today was meant to be my last day at work in the school but due to heavy snow yesterday, schools were closed today making my last day yesterday. Which gave me the opportunity to have a relaxed and chilled morning with the loved one … I had 3 long cups of tea throughout the day, planned my daily outfits for the whole trip and I have my practically packed suitcase packed and am ready to leave. I spent 25 minutes putting on my foundation and mascara, and I now am blogging… Bliss…

My new era has began and on the little spec of a plane in the earths atmosphere this evening I will enjoy the lovely fish meal I pre-ordered with a glass of red… Only because if it starts raining stones while I’m up there, I want to be just that bit of drunk to dance along under it…


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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