I Tangoed for 2 under the Power-shower

(I must add as I was doing the corrections, humpty-dumpty came in a snuggled a kiss on my neck…)

Over the past couple of days me and the loved one have been at a tug of war. It’s more of a touch thing, I would go to touch him and he would try to peel me of him in the politest possible way. Knowing that women are worse than men we have sort of fit into our cliché’s and haven’t even bothered discussing it. But it made me think how import it is and how much I actually miss it…

The notion of touch is amazing, forget the human to human kind of love touching thing people have, we tend to even touch a piece of clothing that we want to wear. The feeling of a freshly brought pair of tights is amazing.

A touch can bring many things to life and with touch the sense of belonging heightens. For instance we touch loved ones hair, touch their skin, and condition our lips with lip balm for the softest of kisses. We do it not because it’s sexual but more so we are allowed too. We do it with other things too, for instance we stroke pets, touch the material of the beautiful skirt we want to buy before we buy it, I even stroke the cover of my favorite books. We touch when we want to feel like they are ours and want to feel like they should be comforting us, so it isn’t always skin that attracts.

Touch gives us a sense of security too; I’m obviously not talking about socks or skirts here but the human touch. The creasing out of the lonely lines a bit I guess. Hence in our tug of war, the poor sod his put himself into many different shapes and forms on the sofa to nicely avoid me because he wasn’t ready to share. I however felt lonely. I was taken aback when he first did it, but really I should have known it had nothing to do with me. Well I went between the two actually till I picked up on something earlier this week. He talks to me more when he touches me, he just didn’t want to talk.

As I know what’s what I got a little impatient and claustrophobic sitting around him. So before humpty dumpty tipped himself over the edge of the sofa I did a runner. It felt like there was an elephant on the sofa with us. Try and picture it, it really was a sight.

As jumped into the shower earlier on today, I had a bit of spare time to consider my own thoughts. My newly found love for power showers and the little message I got out of it was sensational. With thoughts running wild about what could be bothering him, how we could resolve it and if I should ask or let him tell me himself, I let my mind go free. I’m not sure about what to do yet but all I know is I was dwelling on too much and I didn’t want to ruin my power-shower time.

However looking at the many relationships I have had and the way men deal with tough situations, I have left to chance. I’ll have to find a dog or something to stroke for the next couple of days just so we get of ‘miss-me-time.’
I’m going to keep the Tangoing for the two of us till … till when I guess.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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