I Guess It’s Called ‘Common’ Sense For A Reason Right?

blackboardThere was once a man that taught me common sense; he was my class teacher in year 5 and 6. Little did I know then but the man was a genius. His words still chime in my ears when I do something I haven’t used my sense in…

He was an Australian, tall and built. He was completely fascinated with cars and did a lot rally racing. His illumines green Ford Fiesta was the first rally car I had seen with bars instead of backseats. I loved it… I adored it. My first interest in cars maybe. Teachers used to park in the school playground then, and whenever my mum was late to pick me up I would hear him revving the thing home. He was also the guy that brought his lunch in a Tesco freezer bag. He used to make himself sandwiches, which he would eat in class- to what I remember, while we are out playing, eating and clinging on to dinner ladies like girls still do today. He would have the little Tesco bag, and apple or banana on the side of desk at all times, a bit unhealthy if he had meat in it. It should have been in the fridge if you ask me. But then the staff room is a very scary place, I have worked in schools for 5 years and to be honest they still frighten me.

I have this vivid image of this Aussie teacher in khaki green long combat shorts,navy polo shirt and sandals, blonde and blue eyed with tiny glasses standing by the tall free standing blackboard and shouting at me to “USE MY COMMON SENSE!” … Not just the once either, he did this quite a few times actually and funnily enough nearly 16 years on I still say “anaddledmoment USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!” and every time I do, go back to that very moment.

Earlier on this morning trotting about my apartment, I was contemplating all the right and wrong things I was doing, how I could make things better, what I should do to change things about and there in silent memory filled corner of my mind I heard those words again. Obviously the things I was thinking of were very, very detailed and a lot of was based around my current unemployed state and rejecting the idea of being unemployed by still trying to get up at 8am and doing all the responsible things I should do as an adult. I was running between ideas about how and what I could do to financially help myself, and whether a shit job was the only way about it. I’m hopelessly trying here to get myself out of the unemployed depressed state here. As the few job options I do have are scrubs and pickings and I just left one so I’m not sure on whether I want to get myself in to another.

The ‘common sense’ bit kicked when I realised that instead of pulling and tugging between right and wrong, the devil and angel, I should actually be using my common sense and doing what ‘fit’ the situation. I mean if I do things that make sense whether it is wrong or not it will eventually find a way to be right. So I went right back to the drawing board and had another look at the bank statements.

I guess it’s called ‘common’ sense for a reason right?


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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