A Muddled Mind is Bad for Your Health.

Muddled Mind

I don’t know why but we humans have a tendency to misplace tension, I believe it is due to a muddled mind. Psychologically, physically, spiritually and a whole bunch of other stuff seem to get muddled up and just because you seem to think something bad is happening, has happened or will be happening your minds set into work-mode doing overtime.

So this is how it goes…

First your headaches begin just to prove that the brain is up there and working, followed by your hormones kicking in just to let you know they’re going to play with your blood glucose levels to make you feel bloated, teary and unhappy. Let us not forget they will make you eat like a horse just so you feel more shit about yourself too. Let us also not forget that more glucose intake heightens this feeling and fat turns into glucose too.

So because you are now over eating, have a headache and feel resentful you are going to not-want-to-wake-up to go to work or school in the morning, then just to top it off, that shirt you wanted to wear, you realise in the morning is not ironed. You have 15mins to iron the shirt, do your hair and make-up and have a bite before your morning fag and get dressed. See at that point you seem to think your superwomen or something and actually attempt it.

The whole thing takes 35mins.

While doing all of this you rerun the argument you have had last night with the other half or friend or parent. You make excuses because you know it’s partly caused by you then you get angry because they so should have understood all the nonsense you were trying to make sense of last night. You wonder if your thoughts should have been kept as silent thoughts… and all of sudden you see that the beautiful shirt you picked especially for the meeting that day because the cutie or the boss was going to be there, has been decorated with an iron print, it’s a full frontal burn right on left tit.

So you are late, forgetful, muddled and not dressed probably for the whole day, and by the time the day is over you know that in the last 24 hours you have pissed of your manager, lover, mother, probably your grandmother, the shopkeeper and that idiot who accidentally leant on on the bus ride home. You wonder if Lord Voldemort was liked more than you.

You might then want to lay on your couch to watch that brain numbingly shit movie before you check you’re Facebook and Twitter and your back pain kicks in, reminding you of the headache you had earlier that day. Your legs decide to join in the frenzy and start aching and throbbing in rhythm with your headache.

Not having eaten a hot plate dinner that day you feel hungry yet getting up to cook seems a hassle so you decide to order in with the last bit cash you have left, forgetting also that the Chinese you will be ordering will take you about 4 weeks to shred of your arse.

That night you will probably pray for a better world.

Misplacing tension is more often than so done unconsciously and unfairly, a muddled mind can suck the life and soul out of you. It will also give you shitty thoughts. Or as a friend once told me that it was not good to hold in wind, ‘you see’ he said ‘those fumes travel to your head and give you shitty thoughts.’ I think he might be right, because I believe the mind enjoys taking your shitty thoughts and taking it out on the rest of your body in aches and pains, and farts and warts. Let us say I think the connections right but not necessarily in the order he said(!!) it to be in.

Having tried and tested that pitiful day, and many similar days I urge you ladies and gentlemen to drink loads of water and keep yourself hydrated as I seriously believe these are inevitable. You will need the water to keep you from fainting from all that running around.

The psychological and physiological are so connected it is unbelievable and we humans tend to miss it out of equations most of the time. So all in all a muddled mind people is bad for your health.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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