Mercury Mecury Go Away, Come Again Another Day


I’m spending a lot time trying to be aware of my body, just because I know that if it ever loses balance I will be in for a rough ride. My sugar levels, hormone levels and emotional levels are all connected. They already look like an uncombed afro gone wrong anyway and at the state of imbalance they tend to turn my emotions into a volcano near eruption. So missing my all-important medication that comes with all these imbalances, I end up having a see-saw off emotions without any of the fun of such a joyful kiddy ride.

A new, job, new friends, a new sleeping pattern and travelling pattern seem to be enough to take the toll out of me on a daily basis and if, to top that day off something tini-tiny but abnormal happens I seem to then go into turmoil. When I say an emotional turmoil don’t get me wrong I don’t have a tantrum and cause federal damage but I do get the emotional trauma that seems to go with.

God help me if the person across me is having a bad day too, I believe that, that is the moment the shit hits the fan. God forbid I sometimes even think I might be the cause of world war III.

To ease the pressure and take away the blame from myself, I got an astrological natal birth chart (here) and to be fair on myself I must say my stars are pretty shit. All in the wrong muddled formation where I actually or even astronomically had no chance of being normal.

Bad hormone day people, it is a bad hormone day.

May I also add I want Mercury to leave our global range too, she seems to miss up our astrological balance as much as my hormones seem to mess up my social range…


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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