Poker (Day 6)


I have spoken about Time a hundred times maybe, because the concepts of time and space amaze me. It also haunts me. Timed properly its a deal maker, timed badly its a deal breaker.

I have, between the lines of all my blogs looked at communication. How we alliterate and communicate is very important, I have spoken about differences between people and understandings, have looked at expression stereotypes, and looked at visual representations. God I have even written about body language and physical communication. It’s the information we want the give the other person and what they understand from it. That’s our alliteration. The process of migrating that information.

I have tried to voice of my thoughts, on thought patterns. The silences and the unknown have been up for a major debate in my head. I have eventually concluded that these are the things that crawl under our skin, it is the questions we ask, it is curiosity, jealously, it is our imaginations, it is our desires and tensions. Mostly they are lethal and explosive.

Ambition is aggressive. You have to aggressively thrive for what you want to be successful otherwise ambition will be replaced with aggression as there would be no thrive.

Time has taken the better of me this time and I have lost yet another battle, not because I have necessarily done something wrong but it’s just because he had the better hand.

I’ll keep the stakes lower next time.


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About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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