I Salute You If You Understand My Posts


Don’t mind the context it’s just a preview of my handwriting. If I have the right pen and can place the book in the right position, it ain’t so bad.

I’m not going to mess the aura of the post and correct my mistakes. I’m going to leave them there to add bit colour. Dyslexia is a hard spelt word for a dyslexic.

I enjoy writing, but I enjoy talking more so I end up writing the way I talk. Every so of often I go back re-read and re-edit my posts. I don’t change the content but I do have to check mistakes, and change them.

They told me I was dyslexic when I was about 17, way past the age where any kind of ‘dyslexic learning skills’ could be taught. I had already adapted my way of learning and apprehending things. So as school turned to college and college changed to university everything got harder and the way I knew barely enough during college was going certainly not going to be enough at university. I most certainly felt stupid, and backward as I could see the writing on the paper, I could follow the lines of words and say them in the order they are written in but when trying to comprehend it was difficult. Sometimes impossible.

I spent most of uni looking blankly at articles, I’m serious. If I spent 4 hours in the library trying to read I must have only actually read for 30 minutes.

Writing was another story, it was horrendous. I look back at some of essay and feel sorry for whoever had to mark it. I was very glad that marking was anonymous. I cringe at the thought of how bloody proud I was to completed the essay at the time.

I must add I did get quite a bit of B’s and C’s. The content was good, if the reader could get it.

See, I check my writing too. That’s the irony. I write and re-read for mistakes, I find a few and think ‘oh …not that many this time’ (I say that every time, even now, no matter how many mistakes) and hit print or send. I read my dissertation six times (!!) and still missed very obvious and small mistakes. I stopped trying to understand why it happens and just pray to god that I don’t have many.

After struggling for many many years, dropping out and going back to university to complete my degree, I ended up having to mend my reading and writing through building new and personal (sometimes very awkward) methods of learning.

Confusion could get the better of me of me too, god it was horrendous.

Anyway, this, my dear dear readers is a letter and post of apology and a promise while I’m at it.

Sorry, for all the spelling mistakes and missing words. Sorry if I drift of point and waffle and apologies if my pictures are informative than the writing itself.  Last but not least sorry I’m going to try to pucker up my writing as I promised myself no matter hard it actually is, I’m going to publish.

I will publish with a hundred mistakes maybe, but I will eventually go back in to correct them. Forgive me, I consider these posts as a practise run before I write for the publishers.

I salute you if you understand my posts!


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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