The office, The Ladies, The Dynamics and The Day (in no particular order)


We women, I think are unbelievable creatures in more ways then one. Many men would agree too I think, they would also agree that women have cracking points between serenity and schizophrenic. Women know women better than men know women, and I that I stand behind as my partner included many men here argue otherwise. How can man ever know what’s like to get red hot when the other half doesn’t pick up the phone? How can a man honestly know what it’s like to give up control of your own body and let hormones take over? Don’t answer that actually.

I love the dynamics in mixed gender environments, lets call them social wars. Women standing taller in the presence of men and with men trying to be taller and broader at the same. Flirtatious laughter and shy movements, all seem to become momentously present. I love watching the change, it’s entertainment for me.

So la-di-dah on the lovely construction site I work at, it is full of women, and that’s weird from what I gather. As it goes there is more oestrogen on this construction site than testosterone. This who the ladies are;

So Itsy Bitsy on my right is still at uni, being extremely and clever and quick-witted she is the one the instant and ‘double-take’ come backs, the ditsy sitting across me is the workaholic calling up for email on sick days off. She’s our civil engineer, the assistant and student to the man – the only man in the office.

Miss Madame, our joint admin and accountant assistant is the resourceful person who feels in for Ma’am the General Managers assistant. The Ma’am an extraordinary lady with a dog, a cat and a human daughter is the peace maker and head lady of the clan. The last female and head of all head is our general manager, she doesn’t mix with us – she’s the head you see and she likes to know it too.

So by-the-by every morning albeit my efforts to get to work on time I don’t, the hustle and bustle of the streets is unpredictable and one day is never the same as the next. From the moment I walk in the girls giggle at my attempts to hide the fact I am late again… The banter usually picks up quickly, I talk more than anyone, tea gets served and the working day begins. In a working day we talk about food, illnesses, men and the lack of (decent) men, I blog around about mid-day, cloths, our families, good food, bad food, upcoming meetings, the funny types that come to the office, the lack of (attractive) men in the office, our futures, our pasts, meeting minutes, the pointless chores we’re given, the hard chores we’re given, my Turkish skills, the audacity of others and technical problems our technical engineer can’t solve.

And as this list goes on, I would like you to consider the different levels of hormones in our systems. The conversation can lead to very weird places with the blink of an eye. Me being the most emotional lately due to mishaps with my manfriend- pre-usual I was being hormonal, cried a couple of times (not the only one to have done so). It’s a construction site for god’s sake with women actually crying in it (!!).

(Itsy Bitsy cracked a joke again, she was wondering out loud if her over-sized tablets were to be taken orally)

So with the emotional tension and blahzey gossiping we have officially turned the place into a ladies locker room. Miss admin/accountant has about 6 pairs of shoes hid behind the files cupboard. I’ve only ever had kids shoes and gym bags pop out cupboards in all my teaching jobs, I didn’t know how to react when I actually saw the ladies heels.

It would have been every different if there were a few more men working with us, the dynamics would be different. We might have even been bitchy towards each other, god knows. All I know is its different working in a room full ladies, living in a house full of girls and having only sisters. So when men say we know women better than women, I want show them the middle finger, dress them up as woman and bring him into the office for the day. Cause he sure as hell would be in for a surprise. Women’s behavior normally changes towards each other when there is male presence, basically, we like to show men only what we want them to see.

We’re good in this office though, we enjoy each other presence I guess.

As the day turns to night we enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee, having tipped the cups over on to its saucer we have then have our fortune told by our tea-lady just so we can talk about the things that may never happen to us.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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