A Very Baby Day

ImageHaving spent a lazy morning today, I pranced around the house enjoying not doing much.  After waiting around for the crowd at the sea front to dim down at the Bosporus , my manfriend, my manfriends friend with biceps went for a walk.

It being the warmest day of the year so far, people weirdly dressed. There was no consistency on how in the way people are dressed. Through the rush of people, there were people with thick jackets and boots and people with vests, tops and shorts.  The whole crowd looked confused. But I must the weather was lovely, a simple sweater, tights and boots did it for me.

Now the path here is a bit uneven, you start off in front off Rümeli Hisari, one of the Bosporus’s towers with 2 metre wide pavement quickly narrowing down to about a 1 metre, and then going back up to 2 metres and so forth. You end doing a tribal dance dodging the slow walkers, joggers, lovers and on comers. Skip to the left, skip to the right, it adds a little bounce to your walk.

Watching the passers-by I listen in onto conversations, and the guys started checking out the girls. Here in Turkey we have a bunch of stupid girls that tend believe Sunday strolls are catwalk shows and try (!!) to walk in heels and another bunch of stupid girls that dress in sports vest and tights with full on make-up and straightened hair. They wiggle there arses and pout their lips, I enjoy pointing them out to the boys. Mr Biceps is a bit single these days, we are working to hook him up with a lady.

So these conversations are interesting and you are free to add the scenario to whatever they say, comment on the how the babies in the buggies are, try and make out how the couples are holding hands have been together, check out the nice and shiny cars, count the yachts and make a bit of banter yourself while you hop and dance around people.

The 2 kilo metre stretch to Bebek (baby… it’s literally called baby) is a different week every week, the traffic, the people, the weather and the time you go for a walk can differentiate how interesting the can actually be. Once we got to Bebek and sat in the park for a breather and cigarette, a young dude with a violin started strumming its strings. Practising his fingering probably, after a few warm looks he did take out his bow and play a smoothing tune. I tried asking the boys to take a picture of him but these two huge and successful men got all no-no about it.  So with the no-no’s around I didn’t go and ask. I feel gutted now though. Poo.

So strolling to Baby, with the two babies checking out babes while ooo-ing and aww-ing at actual babies I could not have asked for anything more from today…

Oh look, I feel broody.

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About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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