A Civil Egineers Batman-ish Ways

ConstructionSee when god strikes, he strikes. The world comes to a halt, the mountains shift places, volcanoes erupt and the waters move. It can kill people even with the slightest whisper.

So, (I have got an old Shakespearean influenced film on in the background) now come, come, you shall not judge. Have thou sung the song of misery? If thou feels the sorrow of the birds, why shall thou not see the beauty of life?

A passion for life and its acceptance of its sorrow is an amazing talent, one I only see in a few people and something I attempt to do but fail with miserably. Ups and downs have their own beauty but reeling through them all and accepting is another story. It makes a bigger and wiser person.

Changing careers has given me the opportunity to see different types of people, teachers you see are very monotone, especially in this country. All teachers are expected to eat, breathe and dress the same which is a shame as this in no way represents the society in which it serves.

So in this new job, I pounced around and made new friends, these friends however professional has begun to feed my curiosity in different types of people who live and survive in Istanbul. It being a difficult city to live in, people with a different view on life tend to be a mere treasure.  To object to the ways of others, you tend to need to be bigger person, The same applies for everywhere but within a country where family values and cultural values are strong it’s harder.  Actually, I’m not talking about values either, I’m talking about not falling into the foul mood of your surroundings, not joining in with all the seriousness.

My new line manager,  a Civil Engineer which I shall call him Batman-on-a-motorbike, is a man full of passion; not the romantic bullcrap passionate, but a more ‘I will survive and be happy’ kind of, a walk through the park kind of, I stand behind what I do kind of, I’ll take on everything kind of passionate.  He has a passion for eating and a passion for cooking, he shrills at the thought of riding his motorbike and cackles at the thought, he is never rude or talks out of place, he tosses salt over his shoulder and starts again when something goes wrong, he back tracks and attempts again, he is the father of a mini-batboy and batgirl, both happy mini-monsters, bless ‘em.

A few weeks back, against all the Turkish male social rules, he saw a dress on a woman he thought would suit his wife. After finding out where it was from he went hunting for the dress from store to store and brought it for his wife. Without (!!) being asked. Hats off to him, a lovely gesture.

So Batman-on-a-bike, loves technology, loves bikes, whistles, laughs from the soul, listens to soul and bops to it. He makes building and constructs lives. Bless him.

So after reading one of my posts about the ladies in the office, he was distraught and when I fell ill this morning and was unable to go to work he called me to tell me that ‘God had struck me’ as I had totally disregarded his existence in my posts.

So Batman how else could I have written an apology? And Batman when do we start talking about a pay raise?

So, now come, come, you shall not judge. If thou art can feel the sorrow of birds thus bring joy too to thou art people around him, how does thou ignore the beauty of life?


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to A Civil Egineers Batman-ish Ways

  1. batman says:

    Batman appreciated. Iyileşmeyi hakettin

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