The Sun Is Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes


Having been away from my Blog for a couple of days I have decided that now I am polished with the new varnish I brought earlier today and all clean from having just popped out of the shower, dressed in my manfriends cloths and with an oldie but besty perfume freshly squirted at the bridge of my neck, I feel new and bright enough to type pretty things now.

The weather in Istanbul has been pretty gloomy for the past 3 days, it’s been raining and drizzling which has made the roads muddy as the drainage system is so crap. I believe that in this city the dirt evaporates to the skys with whatever else goes up there to make it rain. This is my own personal theory, no offense to any Meteorology geeks out there. The traffic is crap and people are moody and the buses are packed and airless. Let’s just say Istanbul is having Post Menstrual Tantrums these days.

Today, being the better of the three days, I decided to join the public and felt the need to go somewhere busy with people. I went to one of the shopping malls within walking distance of work and dived into the crowd. A home remedy to periodically sustain the feeling of loneliness and a method I picked up after I ditched the last boyfriend. The crowd seems to remind you of passing time, humane behaviour, dead end interactions you never have to remember again or work yourself up over, a touch up on street fashion and a way to position yourself into society outside of your familiar sphere which tends to means nothing after awhile.

The kind of things we tend to take granted and even hate at times becomes a vital. It’s the polite ‘excuse me’ after the accidental shoulder to shoulder tap of commoners, the eavesdropping on conversations that are very simple and mundane about the size shoes and bras, seeing a few household faces trying look good shopping, slipping a few times on the stupid tiled floors made me feel all normal and common again.

(Trying to watch the last 5 minutes of the Galatasaray and Real Madrid Match at the same time, a very intense match)

As for my little shopping experience I picked up this 1 navy tank top on all 3 laps of the store and after trying it on deciding not to buy it. I then started staring, literally staring at overly priced accessories and wondered if it would cost cheaper to hand make. I looked at GAP and tried to figure out when the last time I had shopped there was, about an hour later after visiting about 7 other stores I decided it was at Uni and felt bit nostalgic which turned into me wondering if I should I buy a T-shirt in tribute. Then after deciding that I was only looking to waste money as considering to buy t-shirt in tribute of something that is long gone could mean noting else, I trotted towards the entrance to go home.

On the way home I regretted not buying the bloody tank top, it would have gone nicely with pair of white trousers and white Penny Loafers on my sun kissed skin in the summer. You see the sun is coming round the mountain when she comes (“Hi Ha”). I would have been ready… Damn.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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