A Case of Nut-ella

I have been lacking lately and I sincerely apologise for not typing over the past few days, I was trying to enjoy an over worked social and work life, a massive hangover and the company of a furry friend over the weekend. But please don’t assume it was all fun and play, I had to hoover and wipe the floors of the whole house, change the sheets and pillowcases, prepare meals for a party of 6 three times, put 4 loads in the washing machine and tried detoxed my skin, hair and soul. As I sat to type last night I was making all sorts spelling mistakes so I eventually gave in.

I felt shattered, I had drank more red bull then my body can take the previous night. I had downed a couple of glasses of Vodka & Red Bull after 3 glasses of red wine and some whiskey, all before gulping down beer to polish off the night. It was too much, you should of have seen me, I had a weird twitch on the left side of my neck yesterday which I only get with garlic and an overdose of red bull. It’s like the twitch of a vain, it’s a weird feeling and I know that it’s my tiresome body sending out alarm signals. My eyelids were draping and I had a weird fake smile on my face ready to take on any comment, question or conversation with a mellow and careless ‘yeah ok’ attitude, I think I even fell asleep with it.

I have had worse mornings though, the ‘I never want to drink again,’ and the ‘god I don’t remember shit…’ moments that have made me flinch consistently as I got mini flash backs of the previous night. Fortunately I remember the night and I had paced my drinking, I avoided tequila and made sure it was a good night.

I was the one that suggested throwing a house get-together for my manfriends friend’s birthday which was then followed by a string of venues. We went to two different clubs one after the other and in both the night club scenarios were the same. There were girls splashing themselves on to the boys, the hunting eyes of the singles and the pub like smell of piss that hangs in the air.

We started off in Cahide, the tent like club full of very colourful people I had mentioned before and then moved on to a more diverse whole in the wall. This little place has carpets, red carpets with mini gold designs that make it ideal for a British pub. Thinking about it, I actually think this place is/was a pub that got confused and turned into a club as the music got louder and as loads of people thought it was OK to stand about glued to one another till early hours of the morning. I might have to ask the owner next time I’m there.

Aztek, this mini underground pub/club is different because you don’t get the rich daddy’s sons and daughters, you get artists and actors, funky dressed emo types, boys trying to show off their muscles, musicians, professionals and the youths you get in the place are the bait like girls that are there for the men. It’s a little on the marginal type, people who love night-life and people who love meeting people go there, you don’t get as many show-offs as would in any other Istanbul club. It’s like a lottery price for the ultimate owl. I do love the place though, I’m close enough to talk to people and ask them a hundred and one questions, I get all nosey with alcohol.

After such a tightly packed and busy weekend I’m shattered but thankful, cheery but mellow and sleepy but smiley, however most of all bringing my backside to work this morning proved difficult. My work desktop is a poo-pile of work that needs to be translated and I, like a Nut-Case, choose to ignore them yet I know they will haunt me if I don’t get through them. Work in offices are slow moving, compared to schools, so I’m going to spoon my mini pot of Nutella until I feel like I cope with the poo-pile.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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