Emotional Hay Fever

Having watched too much ‘Survivor’ over that past few weeks, I have little freedom filled peace tree sprouting out of my inner goddess. I have an ‘Eve’ kind aura around me and all I want to do is walk on grass bare foot, do yoga and swim naked.  Yet I’m sat in an office typing away, translating and stuff with bob Marley in the background and that’s as close I’m going to get to any sort of peaceful city free environment.

Try to picture it, a stark naked woman with long hair running along a breezy beach with a wooden branch in her hand. That may even be an image from a advert I vaguely remember, I’m not sure but at the moment the image seems very appealing.

I have been very pissed at the world for the past couple of days hence the vengeance filled posts. I was pissed at this city for being cruel to me, the people in it for being ignorant and the world for going against me.

Bob Marley is trying to console me in the background. ‘Everything’s gonna be alright…everything’s gonna be alright… no women no cry… no women… no cry.’ Bob Marley fits me perfectly this morning, his attempt to soothe the agitation in my bones is working. .

I want to go against all of the office social rules and take my work laptop to the nearest open space and do my typing away from there by the sea or the trees in the park or whatever else is available.

I used to do that at uni, I would shift from location to location, to let the new images of the world and new people living different lives renew my perception and give me new inspiration. Basically I am sitting trying to think of ways to get over my ‘Emotional Hay Fever.’

PS. I just googled ‘Freedom and Women’ and got dozens of pictures of women at the beach either running down it or they have their hands in the air by the water. I must be a sucker for adverts and symbolic images, weird how they can imprint these images into to heads, huh?


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to Emotional Hay Fever

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