The Old Man That Smiles For No Reason

The moment you stop learning is the moment you become old. It’s a very pessimistic and optimistic phase at the same time but either way a very true one, the moment you give up the mill stops turning and your mind stops producing. Yet your thirst for information will not subside, it is food for thought, oxygen for the brain and it is a necessity for happiness.

My mother’s father is born somewhere in between the late 1910’s and early 1920’s, as he was born before the Turkish revolution his birth date is not precise. My point is his in the later stages of his life and is a slow moving turtle but the way he reads and recites you could argue otherwise. The last time I went to visit them about 4 weeks ago I walked out onto the balcony overlooking his garden and he was sitting there reading a book. An old ratty book fraying from the spine and his old, practically blind eyes squinting into it and as he has brought it right up to his face to see the book is resting his long beard.

When you talk to my granddad you can see there is a passion for life that he just doesn’t seem to let go of, he has headphones that he turns up to full volume to watch TV with, he smiles a lot and laughs at jokes that he never gets to finish off as his too busy laughing. He talks about the people he has meet over his lifetime, people that have taught him new things and people he has generally found to be good hearted, he swims in the memory of his children’s childhoods and praises their achievements. He has about 10 ten trees he planted on the sidewalk of the road he lives on so many years ago, he spends most of spring summer and autumn clipping, cropping and watering them. His is a truly positive man despite his age and state of health.

I could argue its ignorance as he doesn’t hear or see the world around him, he could be living in the blissfulness of not knowing but the advice he gives is very random and very on point for someone who doesn’t hear or see.

Over the years at times he has told me that I should always have time for friends and family to visit, he tells me I should not take on my the stresses of my work and talk more the joys and beauties of it, he tells me to give and never expect back, he has told me to stand behind the one I love and love god with all my heart and finally he had told me to smile as it is the best kind of defence mechanism against all those that want me to fail.

As clueless as he is about my life and the people around me, he has made some pretty valid points whatever the reason. Be it his old wise self, the fact that he has already raised 8 children or that he knows these to be the simple beauties of life. I have been trying to absorb all of this for a very long time however it’s proved to be difficult, I believe it’s more difficult to live by embracing the and satisfying oneself with the simple triumphs in life. All I can do at the moment is indulge in my passion to learn more and more, all the rest is changing habits I guess.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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