Zero Point One


To get up on a Sunday with the break of dawn is not something I choose to do every week. I had to catch the ferry to my second home in Turkey, our cosy and compact summer house. The place is still humid with the memories of my childhood and youth.

Waiting for the ferry during the quietest hours of Istanbul at a run-down whole-in-the-wall, you can hear the seagulls screeching to a well known symphony.

Istanbul is tired today, its had a long week and today its dragging it’s feet as if protesting against the upcoming week.

From leaving my house and getting to the port, in a mere 10min journey I have decided on my new tattoo. A plain ‘0.1’ on my wrist or hand, a constant reminder of how I feel today.

The zero signifies that nothing is infinite, as she- nothing itself isn’t either, it’s also pure no additions, it can account to nothing yet when added to something its there, it’s ‘just’ about existent. Its oval shape symbolises my vision of this world, it never is and never will exactly what it is [round], its actually different like the people in it. The one, basically means individuality, standing upright, for yourself and one other, its a prime number so you can’t divide it and she can never be repeated and finally it signifies success as it the one.

Together they can be a score, ‘life got one over me’ or ‘I got one over life’ as life isn’t infinite so its being in the ‘null’ and you are nothing without success – it’s praise when you get the one over whatever your fighting for. It’s in between and separates the positive and the negative, a reminder to stay neutral. As a number on its own, as 0.1, you are neither complete [ a whole one] or nothing [zero, nil, null]  as you have a distinctive difference from all the rest, one small difference that sets you apart from the rest of the whole oval world.

It all sounds physcotic right? Its the Sunday morning fresh air I think. Anyway my ferry is here, its the only one today I can’t miss it otherwise I would have nothing to do with this deluded addled mind.. See a another nothing linked to another one.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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