With the Approach of the Summer a ‘Special Hygiene Post’


A manager is like a preacher, and as the Turks say do as the preacher says, never do what the preacher does. Nothing to do with today’s post, it popped into my head as she strolled by my office as if she owns the place.

With the bright sun in my eyes and the suns warmth on my skin, I believe that I could honestly say that spring has officially started pulling in the hot summer days. Now for the hard part though. A few ladies will agree with me when I say I hate this time of year for one reason only and that’s because as we peel off the layers of cloths we get left with what the winter had nicely hid.

I’m a midi height size 8 who suits a size 6 better, so at the moment I feel that my slightly larger than normal size 8 arms are too bare and chubby, my no exercise during the winter months has truly accomplished the loose-arm-muscle-swinging image. Not good. My legs are different story, they not only feel like they are larger than life but I can’t bear to think how white the skin is my under my unwaxed winter leg fur. I can see the white/purple skin glaring through the little hairless gaps and screaming for the vitamin D3 that the body soaks from the sun. It is very true people, exposing yourself to the sun (healthily of course) is one of the natural ways of doping your body up with vitamin D3. There was a nice long list on how good the is for you, a couple include hormone balance and helping depression. As my winter blues turn to spring blues, a sun kissed soul sounds perfect.

As for the fidgety bits, my finger nails have more creditability than my toe nails, but a manicure and pedicure is much needed to get the dead winter skin off under my finger nails and ugly toes, with a freshly layer of polish in the summery pink that is a must-buy at the beginning of every ‘Sun season.’ While on the topic of feet, I need to scrub and scrape the dead skin off my sole of my feet and heels and moisten them with I-spent-too-much-money-on lovely smelling and expensively creamy hand and feet cream. My hair needs a trim and crop, might add a little fringe to frame my face, we’ll see.

And as I sit here and tell you all about what I plan to do, as a lady, I would to point out that I, as lady, am very envious of men when it comes summer hygiene. We have to a million and one things before we are near presentable but the one that ultimately pisses me off though is the waxing. Not only is it painful, we pay to get done. How on earth did men end up making hairy legs and short hair a ‘Mans’ thing? Really, how? Just thinking about the time they save by not waxing, shaving (legs, bikini, arms and other awkward parts for the Turkish ladies), combing, cutting, creaming, exfoliating, masking and many, many other things, makes me want to wax their leg and chest hair off while they are asleep.

I get that there are metrosexual men do do some of it, but really how much time do you think they save in general? How much time do they actually save out of their lives compared to us ladies Think about it 40 minutes for a full wax in the salon, 2 hours when you do it at home, 30 minutes for a mani and pedi at the salon but an hour at home, compared to their daily 15 minutes shave and £10 haircuts, I think we women are put under pressure. Too much pressure.

I have just spent a good half hour checking coupon sites for cheapish coupons that might help me save a few bobs. We’ll have to wait and see how much it will all get done for. Plus with a trim and blow dry later on today I might feel a little more lady-like. Hopefully.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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