Money Taints the Soul

MoneyMoney is a deal maker and breaker. Too little is never good, it can break your confidence, upset you and even get you trouble. Too much can also do the same thing, it always make you wonder what people are after or just makes you want more at the expense of whatever and whoever. My dad calls it capitalism, however I say, It’s just like the porridge, it needs to be just right.

Within European and American standards a lot money isn’t a lot of money until your disposable income is spent purely on disposables. A roof over one’s head is just not enough and as all the material stuff get bigger and better, people want the fastest and most furious, the newest and shiniest and the loudest and expensive. We are greedy.

But I must admit, after being in the UK for so many years and working hard in the family business to earn the extra bob I didn’t know to think twice when buying until I stepped foot into Turkey. I know precious and pretty, I like pretty and pretty much love looking like a superstar every day (which I don’t) but I have also never felt under so much pressure to dress with the best.

I have mentioned the ‘females’ in Turkey before and have mentioned that I would need a whole post to write about these girls however I’m not going to do that today. I’m only going to talk about the impression they give off. Now I must add that there are exceptions to the rule, but they get lost among the majority, hence the majority is all I shall discuss at present.

To make money you have always needed money that’s an international fact, but here money is prioritised differently. People, individuals and all the rest, place as much emphasis on the impression they give off as with the actual nature of business. I know Furniture Managers disguised as General Managers. ‘We are good at what we do’ is actually said with ‘we look good that’s why we do it well’ and it is pretty much the same for the girls.

These girls not only dress to impress – we all dress to impress, these girls go out of there way and it’s not only for the boys either. It’s to their colleagues at work, the stranger on the bus, the taxi driver the whole lot. Apparently here dressing well gives you the automatic right to be right. For these girls in all areas of their lives impression is the utmost priority. There is chill no button.

For instance, Starbucks is only a brand here because it says ‘I have so much disposable income I can pay thrice for a cup of coffee.’ Don’t get me wrong I ain’t a peace freak, I ain’t against Starbucks either it has good coffee as far as I am concerned, however if you consider the fact that paying the average UK price for a latte when you earn only a third the income that you would in the UK, its expensive coffee.

There is a general attitude, a bad general attitude about the line between money and impression. I recently read that ‘two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.’ Money creates impressions but I don’t believe impression should be brought either. If you buy a branded bag for purely for the brand to hang on arm all day long rather than for its quality leather and design that’s one thing but if you are going into debt to create an impression that’s just another thing purely on it’s own.

I do love of the pretties that the world of fashion offer, I most certainly want a wardrobe full of Chanel’s and Prada’s but I don’t want them at the expense of my comfort and debt-free-clear mind. I have never turned a nose up to a girl with fake bags and imitations either, it’s those with massive branded badges that scream ‘I-(look-like-I-)have-money’ ones that have strung the wrong note with me. I’ve always believed that men who hide their wallets are the ones to fall for as its pure modesty. Wear a Prada bag with no-name plain t-shirt its classy just because its discreet. If you ask me that’s rich and impressive.

It’s easy to lose your mind and soul among the material pretties, I have believed that ‘trying ones best’ is the ultimate way to have a powerful and confident personality but I love myself more everyday as I see people who try to buy power and confidence. No matter how low my confidence I have believed in kneading at rather than smothering it with pretties. We are greedy, but I guess I’m growing when I say this or should I say, I have seen and experienced a few things here in Turkey that make me think about myself twice. Money doesn’t make people but  even though we hear it everywhere its different to see and be around people who think it does. Material things are only accessories but its sad to say that for those who measure tactful behaviour with strategically built impressions are those who just smell like a rotten ego.

Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and pretty clothes, glossy hair and polished nails but I guess I just don’t want my ego to be tainted, I see it as culture and expression rather than ‘impression’. As I can’t believe there are still people who believe that an expensive dress can make them any better than anyone else.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to Money Taints the Soul

  1. Anna Osborne says:

    Love your post.
    I have been saying for months to a significant other – and anyone else who will listen :) that for me, at least, I would rather drink Nescafe Instant coffee and use the tram but feel joy when I hear his key in the door than to have a cappuccino machine and a BMW but dread that same key!
    Of course having ALL of it would be great – but for me – WHO you are and not WHAT you have is the most important element in any relationship

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