Time is in Our Hands

Time is in Our HandsMy instant reaction to things has always been, let’s say a tad dramatic. My most common reaction has been and will always be ‘shiiiiiit!!?’ but Homer Simpson style, deep voice, slap on the forehead, cringed faced and dramatic shoulder slouch kind of reaction. For those who know me personally are pretty aware of my mini- outburst. I’m the kinda girl that panics easily and reacts before she gets a chance to think. Having by now accepted how dramatic and unlucky a person I am, I expect all my beloved and dear friends to accept and cherish my mini-fits.

Hence the same goes for my other half, the dude does pick his timing wrong. When I’m the middle of doing something like getting dressed in a panic as I’m running to work, the last thing I need is to be reminded that I’m running late! I hate early mornings, I hate Saturday mornings before 10am even more now as I have to work on Saturdays, and I hate them even more than Monday mornings.

He panics because I’m late, reminds me that I’m late which panics my panicked self even more and as a consequence I run around the house muttering ‘shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT’ like a mad woman on the loose. Not a pretty sight for anyone let alone your man-friend to see.

But something I like about myself in relation to all to the above is this, I don’t build on the worry of these mini-panic-fits. It’s turned me into a go-get-and-do kinda gal, well after my initial outburst I pretty much grab a hold of the situation.

Eventually, I grabbed a hold of the situation this morn and calmed down, made myself a sandwich and cuppa. Didn’t bother with my make, forgave myself for the bullocking I was going to get and stopped myself from feeling guilty. That kind of pressure bites you in the backside, you become tense for the whole day and just attract trouble. I basically let-go and left it to the natural flow of things.

I dealt with the traumatised other half with peck on the cheek and the sandwich I had prepared for him, he offered to drop me of to work and I agreed. Lovely.

So this morning I kicked ‘time’ in the balls and came to work 40mins late. I had decided that quite frankly my sanity was important and if I was to spend my precious Saturday in work, I needed my sanity.

It worked out well as no-one had arrived by the time I got here, I was officially early!

But none of this would have actually happened if my other half had not told me to switch the alarm off early this morning…


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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