It’s a Slow But Sure Process


The rainy weather hasn’t helped with people’s moods which is very poor and lazy. I can just about visualise everyone’s face this morning, millions of people at 7am, standing by their window and groaning at the sight of the grey clouds in mid-May. It’s even worse for those how have never lived in the UK, they seem to drag that mood on for longer during the day. We Brits just push past it.

See how I switched the advantages over to my side?

It’s a pretty boring day at the office and everything seems way to quiet, I fear the day will seem longer than it actually is today. People don’t seem want to talk to each other either and with both the girls in my out for the day there’s no bickering or giggling. Only the occasional feet stomping of our furniture manager’s flippers while trots about trying to look busy. I love people who try to look busy, they entertain me but I love people who are really busy even more, they seem to have a point and an aim and that’s enlightening.

I have been doing a lot pointless and trivial tasks lately and they seem to make feel pointless and aimless. I should be utilising my time with planning a healthy eating program and doing yogilates or something but being aimless has seemed to make me lazy.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not aimless in ‘love and life’ sort of way but at work yes, I am very aimless. I can’t exactly pop a yoga mat on the floor stretch and pull my muscles at work exactly but I can and should be organising my workout sessions and meal plans for when I get home. But instead, I do the work I’m supposed to do very slowly and feel all ‘blaahh’ about everything.

Trying to look for motivation I however found a nice inspirational podcast this morning, and it was no other than the lovely Jillian Michaels, she was talking about being passive. It fit the bill nicely. My lovely-friend-from-many-years-ago introduced me to her a while back, with all fitness and life coaching the woman has become a mega star across the world. Her quotes are nice, they sound like affirmations when you repeat them enough.

So I try to read her quotes and other inspirational quotes constantly these days, I have made nice album on my phone with quotes in fancy writing and  on colourful pictures and every now and then I pop it open to have a read. I have also started writing a ‘Bad Diary’ where I can list all the bad things and negativities I want to store far, far away.

With all the quote reading I have been doing along with the need to find inspiration, I must say that motivation and inspiration needs consistency. Our minds are like the physical body I guess, once we skip a few of the positive and inspirational habits we hit a downhill slope into all the things we want to avoid. We need to tug and pull at all the positives consistently, just so it builds and strengthens like a muscle.

It’s a slow but sure process. I am officially drunk on positivity on a grey day, a true Brit. 


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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