But Remember: It’s All We Are Worth It


We are easily fooled with adverts. It’s the happy image that sales.

Having gone for a long walk with friend and his girl who happens to be a consultant in the advertising sector, here in Turkey. We walked along the Bosporus waterfront and our topic of the day was the growing advertising sector in Turkey. We talked about how ads are made to creep into to our subconscious minds and take the best seat in the house. We are intellectual like that.

OK, adverts. So the whole thing started with the ‘VolksWagen: Das Auto’ advert or should I say it started with me chanting it every time I saw a VW drive by. Now that’s a lot of chanting. With the amount spent on advertising by companies, I must say we are suckers for adverts.

Just to give you give an example L’Oreal spent $1.34 billion on advertising in 2011 and it’s the 2nd line. It’s going for a global branding strategy and trust no matter where you go in everyone will have ‘Because I’m worth it’ slogan in their own language. The Turks have their own version and it’s slightly modified to have the same ring and basically says ‘Because you’re worth it.’ To be fair it has changed for the 40 years it’s been about just to suit all the feminist types and as feminism changed so did slogan.

If I had that much money I wouldn’t be spending it on advertising, I’d myself the ultimate VW auto-mobile and drive around world. Spend a couple of months in each country eat, drink and type away. God 1.34 billion is a ridiculous amount of money. How much do they even make? Do thy have anything left for themselves?

Nonetheless I everyone of us can name at least 6-7 slogans off the top of our head. It’s a we know but we don’t know kind of situation. A little squeeze here and there in our memories and I think we can raise that up to 10 too.

All these specially picked sounds, the images, the logos and slogans have embedded themselves into our heads. Did you know that the ‘tweet’ sound of twitter is patented? People are going crazy with it all.

Have I already said that we’re suckers for adverts. The lovely images and sounds will remain in our hearts like the narcissistic Nokia tune that is engraved itself into our minds. We will continue to know the names and brands of a thousand things we will never buy.

But remember if this many companies are lashing out millions on it, it must be right. We could even say ‘It’s all worth it.’


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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