Jack & the Beanstalk; Jack Buys a Ferrari


A man and a woman after the happy ending. Many today do not believe in a happy ending, let’s face it we have all seen examples that will prove otherwise. Our parents, our jobs and friendships all seem to wither away. The chemical aura and fantasied brilliantness of everything and anything has a time limit and then it dissolves into normality.
The ultimate happy ending is only in a spoonful of Nutella. A ‘happy feeling’ is the end of a struggle, a difficulty.

A little vague maybe?

OK, Jack and his beanstalk for instance, the guy was poor and ignorant. The mother was fed up and tired, they were very poor and needed a solution. They needed wealth [money], food and shelter, which they could barely afford. OK so Jack takes their only security, the cow to the market to sell but on the way to the market an old and wrinkled guy stops him. This guy in all the versions of the story I have seen has a ‘witch like’ resemblance about him, the tall rod like stick he walks with, the robe like cloths and the wart on face, very witchy.

So, our Jack believes this guy with nothing but pure hope and the certainty of liberating himself from his poor, poor self. So proud and happy with himself he goes home and his realistic and slightly violent mother beats him. Throws him and the beans out, the beans grow, they fool the giant and are then left with a gold laying chicken. Rich and happy the story supposedly ends, everyone forgets that the ignorant boy would buy himself a Ferrari and gamble all the wealth away and the mother would spend it on cloths and drink all her share away.

The happy ending has ended. The chicken is dead within the 1st year, leaving them with nothing again.

Moral of the story is this. Everything has a time limit. We could love someone but when the aura leaves the relationship you are than left with habits and normality. We can find a fantastic job but it will never be enough once the money seems like it is not enough and we buy a pair of shoes that’s has no ‘newness’ left in it after the first wear.

Basically love is nothing if you only fall for the feeling you get in the beginning. If you have nothing to build upon it, if you try to competence and happiness in another other you fail because everything will eventually defuse to you and your individual happiness.

I like looking for small spoons of happiness, because a spoon full of Nutella can fold all your troubles away. Because years down the line if you can’t face the other face on your pillow without seeing a bit of yourself there, your relationship has long gone ended.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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