A Newer Family Taken From an Old Picture Roll

Family, women from generation to generation A more modern type of an old-fashioned family. We all feel and sense it, families change and adapt, but what’s the big step towards improvement? Do we hop skip or leap to be a better, richer and cleverer people?

My family didn’t have much, they still don’t, my grandparents had nothing. That’s moving up a scale, I know that but isn’t the burden now on us? My mother and father did better than their elders but now with the world moving forward so fast my parents, my elders reach out less. My grandparents have more wisdom than movement in their limbs.

With my grandmother’s stroke last month, I feel more burden on me than before. The scale is shrinking and now with our young ‘uns taking are over our youthful selves and mistakes, it can only mean that I’m taking my parents place.

As I remind myself that I’m nearly 27 everyday, I always pause to think that my parents are no longer in their 40’s. General values have changed over time and my parents priorities are no longer mine yet I still carry many of their traits. Does that mean I’m a new version of them? A more modernised version, a newer plate with swazy gadgets?

I want to make a few changes too, to ‘up’ the version of my genes and to that I desire only half the ambition my father had and half the discipline my mother has.

So, are we richer? Well we are certainly more comfortable than my when my parents were my age, my dad was already a shoe shiner at the age of 8. It wasn’t an easy ride but I guess we got there. Are we clever? Well I had the opportunity to go university, but is that how we measure being clever these days? Are we better people? God knows, I don’t steal or cheat anyone but what is the scale for ‘being good’ compared to two decades ago? I know I try to be, but that’s my best bet. If I’m bad I’m going to blame the world because if anyone can prove that it has become a nicer place, I will then start to persuade people that I am a better person.

Or is it just simply the fact that we are a more modern type of family taken from an old picture roll? Is similar faces in tighter clothes all that has become of us?

The circle of life, love and politics has taken over my life. My fight for ‘democracy’ is in fifty shades, as I aim to aim higher I see that I’m fighting a cause that only proves I will one day be framed on mantel piece.

As images of my childhood are all over my parents home, I wonder where time has gone and when I actually became adult enough to worry about being mature. Mature enough to try to fight for my democratic rights and freedom within my family, my relationship and my country/countries like my father and mother did in their mid 20’s. I must say you never know the importance of free speech until it is taken away from you.

My parents taught me to fight for freedom the harder way,  but I’ll be fair, they taught me to want ‘freedom’ either way and I repaid by them teaching them freedom can come in different shapes and sizes. I cornered them a little, they couldn’t couldn’t be undemocratic.

Now I’m on the next stage of my life, I just hope that my kids will be mature and clever enough to teach me a thing or two too just to save me from rotting on the mantel piece in their ways of life.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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