Far Too Bright to be Dwelling on Anything Today

A city Summer

With summer kicking in, the nights are lively, people are showing off their colourful personalities dressed in colourful and revealing cloths. God bless the long days and better moods. However considering the long working days and tiresome moods from long haul distances to work in traffic it’s a bit of shame that people forget to smile.

Waking with the summer bliss morning I dressed very anti-work and bung on a long green skirt with sandals. Needed to be done. No-one (With all the black girl attitude erupting out of me), I mean no-one takes my summer bliss. I walked into work this morning and ignored the gazes of all the builders on site.

My white skin screaming for UV rays, I let the splits of the skirt fray in the breeze.

I’m going to ignore all the ‘denouement’ building thoughts in my head because the sun is far too bright to be dwelling on anything today.

Especially on things like ‘I won’t be getting any paid holiday this year’, or now that the summer-house is rented out I won’t worry about ‘how my parents will be spending the whole of their 6 weeks holiday at mine’… without my brother to entertain them, meaning ‘I will be the entertainment’. Nor should I be dwelling on the fact that people are now constantly reminding me that ‘time is working against me’ and I am ‘not exactly youngest sunshine’ around. I won’t worry about ‘white legs’ or ‘UV rays’ either. Nor I will be annoyed at my unlucky self for ‘breaking up’ just before the summer.  I’m not going to worry about travelling miles to ‘hit the beach’ for my ‘one day off of work a week.’

No, No … the sun is nice and bright …I’m wearing a green summer skirt… I’m going to stick to thinking about bright skies and city summers.


About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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