Drive Safely and Please Wear A Seat Belt

ImageAs a family, we have been driving from London to Turkey for about 12 years now. The journey takes about 3 days, it’s a long stretch for a car journey but I must add it has always been the most planned and organised with have ever been as a family. We drive through, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece in to Turkey or we go through Eastern Europe from Austria and go through Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and then in to Turkey

The mapping and planning of the route, the car service and prep, the food prep, the collection of music to listen for the journey and sitting and driving plan. It’s the only time we ever work in synchronisation. It is also the best time of year for my father. It’s like the Christmas he never celebrates.

This year round my mum and dad drove down with my cousin and his two kids, my brother stayed in London and I was here to greet them on arrival. My parents are gutted that they constantly feel stuck in the middle as not matter what country they leave they leave a child behind. They cry at thought leaving one just to drive with the joy of seeing another. Bless ‘em, they are stuck within our choices.

Anyway so on this particular journey, something that had never happened, happened. Well we had seen accidents but never really close enough to see it and get out and help. This year my parents witnessed an accident on the Serbian roads of a another Turkish family that has left, especially my father traumatised. A luxuries jeep carrying a family of 5, flips as the mother driving loses control. As two family members go flying out of the back and side windows, mum loses a few of fingers while dad and the youngest son are unharmed.

My dad calls them every day, just see if the girl is out her coma yet. My dad cried and cried and still tears up at the mention of her. He says his not seen anything like it, he actually felt the family’s pain. He says that all he say was our family, he envisioned us. The clothes scattered on the motorway, a father and mother worried sick for their children and it was all at the cost of a small mistake.

 Emotionally distressed my father called and cried on the phone, he saw me in on the floor instead of the girl. He sat by the girl till the ambulance arrived, having arrived half an hour after the accident my father was drained and he called me in tears.

Leaving me in panic and worry at work, I stressed. I was worried about their mental well-being, driving after seeing a fatal accident is not easy.

God forbid a fatal accident but thought off and seeing something that proves how weak, feeble and vulnerable the human body can be makes you wonder how we really care and look after ourselves, how often we see loved ones that cannot imagine a life without us, or how time we actually take to share memorable moments with them.

This year especially, I have got the news of too many accidents and deaths and illnesses. Its one those years where you can see time is moving faster than you imagined, one where people do leave you, one where you see that people do leave this world. God forbid an early and painful death. Drive safely and please wear a seat belt because these young lives flew out the back window because they didn’t have their seatbelts on. 

As I sit here at least once a week and talk about securing your emotional seat belts, today I ask you take extra caution in your cars. Even though my loved ones only witnessed the accident, I think I am not mistaken when I say those people could have been anyone. 



About An Addled Moment

I came to Istanbul to discover not only this beautiful city and its nightlife but I’m also here to discover me.
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2 Responses to Drive Safely and Please Wear A Seat Belt

  1. Kym Ciftci says:

    Really brings it home, just how fragile life is when you see something like that up close :( My husband is one of those who does not understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt – in fact the whole family are like it – children bouncing around everywhere. I think we need some if those shock tactic adverts here in Turkey, the kind we had rammed down our throats in the UK. Graphic, horrid, but effective.

    • I agree, Your talking about the ‘Think’ adverts.. Always strikes the right cord that does..

      We as family have always been good just because of these long journeys and extravagant fines, but not enough people understand them here. Looking ‘cool’ seems to be more important unfortunately.

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