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Does an Experience Only Become A Memory When We’ve Forgotten It?

You see, I want to remember everything. A bit of a stupid effort really but it actually isn’t such a stupid intention. Think about the little things that differ the action and motion of the things we do in daily … Continue reading

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Que Sera, Sera. Whatever Will Be Will Be.

The effort I have gone through to define, find and identify the ideal man has more often then so taken me to hell and back. Quite a few times too. Never did I ever think or anticipate that love is … Continue reading

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Contemporary Istanbul 2013: Confessions of an Average Blogger

Friday gone, having visited one of Istanbul’s most famous art exhibitions, I got the urge to write. Sitting on a high stool over looking the exhibition ground, I jotted down my impression of the show or should I say the … Continue reading

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Sitting Here on the Fence and Flossing My Teeth

Easing myself into the winter mode, I have been having 2 very quiet weekends. On the first of these two weekends, I was in London. I soaked the crispy British air and felt the British rain on my tanned skin, … Continue reading

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