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I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

In my last affair, I call it an affair as I felt conditioned, I feel I didn’t do anything wrong. I use the term wrong loosely and I shall explain why. Advertisements

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Hindsight Is A Beautiful Thing

Over the past 4 weeks, I have had the luxurious opportunity to blend life, work and pleasure all into one and attempt to enjoy London at its quietest time of year. It’s been years since I’ve seen it this quiet … Continue reading

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If All Else Fails, I Can Always Just Go For a Midnight Stroll

Emailing a friend last night, I realised that some emotions have a time and place. From loneliness to being happy, you have a period in which it must be lived. London is very empty this year and no matter how … Continue reading

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No One Ever Goes to a Circus to Watch a One-man Show, Right?

Wednesday gone I had the pleasure of going to the circus, the Moscow Circus as it was called, with a lovely Ukulele playing friend.  For those who are anti-circus I would like to add it was an all human one … Continue reading

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