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If All Else Fails, I Can Always Just Go For a Midnight Stroll

Emailing a friend last night, I realised that some emotions have a time and place. From loneliness to being happy, you have a period in which it must be lived. London is very empty this year and no matter how … Continue reading

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Reconsider And Recreate Wherever And Whenever Necessary

In the circle of life I have found myself back in the roll things without missing a beat. I am out and about still doing all the things that I would be doing if I had never left. If I’m … Continue reading

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No One Ever Goes to a Circus to Watch a One-man Show, Right?

Wednesday gone I had the pleasure of going to the circus, the Moscow Circus as it was called, with a lovely Ukulele playing friend.  For those who are anti-circus I would like to add it was an all human one … Continue reading

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Does an Experience Only Become A Memory When We’ve Forgotten It?

You see, I want to remember everything. A bit of a stupid effort really but it actually isn’t such a stupid intention. Think about the little things that differ the action and motion of the things we do in daily … Continue reading

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