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If All Else Fails, I Can Always Just Go For a Midnight Stroll

Emailing a friend last night, I realised that some emotions have a time and place. From loneliness to being happy, you have a period in which it must be lived. London is very empty this year and no matter how … Continue reading

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Hows That for Luck?

Luck has got to be hiding somewhere, seeing as it isn’t at work with me or in my love life, I figured it maybe hiding in more of the ‘luck- required’ areas. Not that it isn’t required at work or … Continue reading

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Experiences You Forget to Mention at the Dinner Table

We all specify our limits and our bars for success and failure. We ordain our boundaries and analyse our improvements considering these limits. We use our judgements to compare ourselves with others and as a result the judgements we make … Continue reading

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A Newer Family Taken From an Old Picture Roll

A more modern type of an old-fashioned family. We all feel and sense it, families change and adapt, but what’s the big step towards improvement? Do we hop skip or leap to be a better, richer and cleverer people? My … Continue reading

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