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Something Needs To Change

Summer is kicking in, joyous times are in the air and all the fun and partying is still going on.  It is pretty much the same summer vibe and yet it still doesn’t seem to be just right. The constant desire to look for something else … Continue reading

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Does an Experience Only Become A Memory When We’ve Forgotten It?

You see, I want to remember everything. A bit of a stupid effort really but it actually isn’t such a stupid intention. Think about the little things that differ the action and motion of the things we do in daily … Continue reading

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Sitting Here on the Fence and Flossing My Teeth

Easing myself into the winter mode, I have been having 2 very quiet weekends. On the first of these two weekends, I was in London. I soaked the crispy British air and felt the British rain on my tanned skin, … Continue reading

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I am Yet to Find a Man to Out-Run Her ‘Flower-Buying’

I woke up in a haze, eyes all puffy and the little-man-with-a-hammer in my head was back again. Lovely. I checked the time and realised I should have been at work 9 minutes ago. Lovely. I smell of Raki, from … Continue reading

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